Practice Areas

No one can be good at everything, so we don’t try. Each of our eleven lawyers focuses his practice. Collectively, our eleven lawyers offer you more than twenty specialties. (See “When we say our lawyers specialize…”, below on the right).

As you go through the practice groups below, click on the title to view more information about that particular area. If you feel that you need more information please contact us today for a free consultation in all areas of practice except Home Owner Associations law.


Learn about our $995 bankruptcy, emergency filings and payment plans.


Our Utah business attorneys help guide your business to keep you out of trouble. If trouble finds you, we help you get out.

Class Actions

Learn more about the class action cases led by Utah attorneys Jack C. Helgesen and Michael V. Houtz.

Contracts & Collections

We collect large debts on a percentage basis – no fees unless we collect money for you.

Crimes & Delinquency

We defend most criminal charges in all courts. Get good help now, learn your rights, and stay out of jail. We also defend juvenile court actions.

Debt Settlement

Alternatives to bankruptcy. Get out of debt and stay out!

Elder Law, Probate & Estate Planning

Protecting the rights of Utah seniors, while providing services like: Probate, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Wills & Trusts.

Family Law

Four of our attorneys specialize in divorce and family law. We help in adoption, divorce, divorce modification, custody, alimony, prenuptial agreements, paternity actions and annulment.

Home Owners Associations

Utah has hundreds of condominiums, and planned unit developments managed by a Home Owners Association (HOA). We have one of the best HOA attorneys in Utah. That’s all he does and he does it well!

Injuries & Death

Our Utah injury and wrongful death attorneys are respected nationally.  Call them for a free case evaluation and confidential consultation. Learn about your case before you hire a lawyer.

Lawsuits, Trials & Appeals

If a lawsuit is necessary, we are ready. Our legal team has won some of the largest lawsuits in the state of Utah. We can help you!

Real Estate

Our experienced real estate attorneys will work diligently to protect your interests in boundary disputes, title actions, foreclosures and much more.

Social Security Disability

If you are disabled and need help with your claim, take comfort that Michael Houtz experienced attorney wins almost every appealed case he files.

Lawyer specialization in northern Utah: Like doctors, Utah lawyers can choose
practice areas they like. Unlike doctors, Utah lawyers don’t receive board certifications
in most legal specialties. When Utah lawyers say they specialize, they usually mean
they have special training and experience which allows them to focus their practice
on repeat work in the same type of case. Most of our competitor attorneys in northern
Utah work alone or in very small groups. This makes it difficult for even the best and
most capable lawyers to narrow their practices. The largest Utah law firms have
specialized departments which send out large legal bills. We think the size of our
firm – eleven lawyers – offers you the best choice for a good dollar value.