Contracts & Collections

Specializing Attorneys: Michael V. Houtz, Keith M. Backman, Scott P. Nickle, Jason M. Yancey, Kurt M. Helgesen

Areas of Specialty: Collections, Contracts

There is More Than One Side When it Comes to Contracts

Do you have a contract that has been broken before you received full payment?

​If the answer is yes then our attorneys are available to help enforce your contracts and protect your investments. We can help if you are having difficulty collecting these funds. We can also examine your contract for any errors or problems that could affect collecting the debt. Don’t wait any longer to seek legal advice. Every minute that passes means you are losing out on money that is legally yours.

Are you being billed for more than the amount you agreed upon in your contract?

​By studying the paperwork you signed, we can clearly see what is a legal obligation and what is just plain greed from the collector. Be aware of hidden charges that have a tendency to sneak their way onto your bill. Do not pay for more than you legally owe. Our attorneys can give you advice and legal representation if you are being accused of a breach of contract or you are being sent to collections.

Have you been left abandoned and empty-handed after paying for goods or services?

We will do our best to enforce the contract you signed so you can receive what you have purchased. You don’t have to deal with this alone. An attorney will be a great resource to you with extensive knowledge about how contracts can be legally enforced.