Avoid Utah Probate

The best way for 98% of Utah families (those who do not have to worry about estate tax) to avoid probate is through creation of a Utah “revocable trust,” also called a “living trust.” This arrangement, a trust agreement, has powerful advantages for:

  • preserving assets for the surviving spouse
  • creating detailed instructions for transfer of assets to the next generation
  • providing safe management of assets which preserves the inheritance of irresponsible children, grandchildren, and othersMature couple talking to financial planner at home
  • gives protection and help if a Trustor (creator of the Trust) or a beneficiary becomes incompetent (unable to manage his or her own affairs)
  • allows privacy in the management of personal assets
  • avoids the need to file probate

In the last 30 years, attorneys at Helgesen, Houtz & Jones have created hundreds of revocable trusts for our clients. We know how to help you! You can contact and meet with our Estate Planning attorneys for a FREE estate planning consultation at either of our two full-time offices. Call us today. You’ll be glad you did. We know revocable trusts!