Class Actions

Specializing Attorneys: Jack C. Helgesen, Jason M. Yancey

Areas of Specialty: Appeals, Arbitration, Class Actions, Lawsuits, Litigation, Mediation, Settlements

Keeping corporations law-abiding

In a class action suit, a group of people can join together to present a lawsuit against a large company. This is a legal way to keep corporations law-abiding and honest with their customers, clients, and shareholders. Some parties may choose to opt-out of joining the lawsuit. By notifying possible parties, they are given the information of the wrongs made and the ability to join or opt-out of the lawsuit.

Attorneys at Helgesen, Houtz & Jones have represented many Utahns in class action cases since we began practicing law in 1982. Please contact us if you believe there is a need for a class action suit in your future. We are glad to meet with you to discuss the details of your situation.